Use the marvel of mechanical ingenuity Robovac 3000 to clean up spilled milk and to put a scare into bratty kitten.

Controls: mouse only

How to Play:

Program robot by clicking the corresponding command buttons. Execute program by clicking brown button in bottom right. Red button restarts level.

To complete the level you should clean up all spilled milk and put the cat into his litter tray.


Up Arrow - move forward.

Left/Right Arrow - turn robot left/right.

Note - make a loud sound to scare the cat and move him away from robot.

Brush - clean up spilled milk. Robot should be over the milk.


Cat and Robot.exe 3 MB


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Hey Your game is pretty kickass,

I'm working on a video project called time capsules focusing on game indie devs. It's similar to sending a message to your self in 50 years;

Only five questions for my documentary:

1. What feature in your game can the player not experience anywhere else?

2. What's the biggest personal obstacle you had to overcome in creating your game so far? (it could be super technical or anything else that you want to talk about)

3. Who helped you decide to become a game dev?

4. What feature of the game do you absolutely love that no one would probably ever find?

5. What do you believe video games mean to humanity?

First couple of episodes

if you have some game footage or even better developmental footage of errors or other stuff you'd like to show people who have never programmed a day in their life.

also best ways to contact you, and all social media you use because I'll be displaying those through out the episode.

I think if people dig the game and dig your story they might reach out for questions or colabs you really never know what can come of it.

do you think you'd be interested in being my guest?