UPDATE: Some major fixes, please download executable once again.

This game was made for #NoShitSherlockJam.

One distant ore-mining colony, one victim of brutal murder, eight suspects. As a Space Judge, try to identify criminal and execute them.

In this game I tried to recreate the style of old space turn-based strategies from DOS era, combined with investigation mechanics.

How to Play: Examine all evidence, carefully read descriptions of Worlds, Races and Suspects in Hypernet database, then check corresponding boxes in Evidence Checklist. It will help you to find a murderer.

Credits: all graphics and sound assets were taken from Blendswap, Turbosquid, Freesound, Opengameart and Openclipart sites (hope their authors won't sue me).

Install instructions

Play in your browser or download a Windows version. No installation required.


Space Judge Win (EN) 10 MB